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Emily Cannon

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Favorite WOD: TBD
Favorite Lift: TBD

Hi my name is Emily Cannon, I’ve been doing crossfit since March of 2017, and have completely fell in love with it. When I was younger I always was in sports and danced and competed in gymnastics since I was little. When high school was over and those sports ended I continued to teach those things but with some surprise hip surgeries and life in the way, I quit doing them myself. I continued to work out in the gym, and take different workout classes,  and try to stay in shape because I’ve always enjoyed being active but something was missing. I missed the competition, I missed always working to better a skill, I missed the “team” aspect. When my wonderful client, friend, and now fellow coach, Andrea Thalen first tried to talk to me into coming with her to a crossfit class, I kept putting her off, but eventually she left me no choice so I went. And I LOVED it and have done it consistently ever since. I love the community, I love working to better myself with measurable workouts,I love the friendly competition to push you through. When Stacy asked me to coach I wasn’t sure at first, but I am so so glad I said yes because I truly enjoy every class I coach, I love helping people through a rough workout, and I love getting to know all the gym members and their personal struggles and accomplishments. I can’t wait to continue learning both as a coach and an athlete, and hopefully get as many people as I can to see what I see in this wonderful crossfit community!