Welcome to CrossFit Steel Courage!

Are you curious about CrossFit and wondering how to get started?  Well this is how …

Every new athlete entering the gym must complete our Foundations Course prior to attending any regular scheduled classes.  The course is $50.00 and consists of four (4) - 90 minute sessions that will systematically teach the fundamental movements of Crossfit over a two week period.   In the foundations course you will learn the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit.  These classes will include workouts that incorporate gymnastics, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, and running.  See “What is CrossFit” for more details.  For more information regarding foundations class times and dates please look at the calendar.  Contact Stacy Rolfe at 989-225-4878 or email us at stacylrolfe@gmail.com to sign up for the course.   

If you think you should be excused from the required foundations course please contact Stacy Rolfe to set up an appointment for skill review.  If you are competent at all moves you will be cleared from foundations.

Some helpful reading is available to gain some understanding of the basic fundamental movements that will be practiced.  They are available in .pdf documents on the CrossFit Journal.  The documents are titled “What is Fitness?” and "Foundations.”

Here is a great post about “10 Tips For Success For the Crossfit Newbie” from CrossFit Delaware Valley.