Shallon Everett

CrossFit Level I Trainer

CrossFit Weightlifting Certified
Favorite Lift: Clean & Jerk
Favorite Wod: EMOM

I was born and raised and still reside in our small town of Chesaning; I married Nick Everett, and we have two very active boys, Connor and Quinton.

I started CrossFit in the RED WALLS, aka the Rolfe’s garage; when we could only get 10 of us in there. I also been the athlete to get in, get it done and go on with my day! I love that no WOD is ever the same, and with constant changes and challenges; it’s what keeps me going back. My husband Nick started in January 2014 & this has become something that the two of us take pleasure in doing together. Whether we are “partners”  in the box or not - we push each other in ways others don’t understand. I’ve always been one to play hard and stay active, and I’ve accomplished goals that I was never thought possible with CF. Though I like the endurance and high cardiovascular pieces to CrossFit; it’s the lifting that I truly LOVE to do.  Having a barbell next to me reinforces the “Stronger Everyday” matronage we have come to love. 

CrossFit has become part of me and my passion for it is overwhelming.  I love getting up with my “EarlyBirds” to go lift some weights and push our limits. 

So, whether it’s helping businesses grow & expand with my full time job, coaching my sons and other youths in multiple sports, or seeing our athletes reach a new PR in a lift; I full heartily enjoy seeing success in others.